Burdjak Area-41

Grzegorz "gsmok" Makarewicz, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I present the photo documentation of the Burdjak Area-41 tube amplifier. It is a stereo amplifier made on triodes 6S41S (6C41C) operating in an unbalanced configuration (SE). The applied power tubes are relatively rare in designs available on the market. The situation is different with DIY amplifiers. In this group the 6S41S tube, which is a kind of "anemic" cousin of the 6S33S tube (the popular "devil"), is more often used. If you are interested in detailed parameters, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the catalog cards of these tubes.

The 6S41S tubes in the Area-41 amplifier provide a really nice listening experience - this is of course only my subjective opinion. I took the posted photos during the repair of the amplifier. I present them in the order in which I made them while creating documentation for my collection. Please see the details of the structure. I warn people about problems with hypertension in advance that as the amplifier is disassembled and its construction details are revealed, the photographs reveal its darker and darker secrets. Well, after all, this is not a factory amplifier made by a manufacturer with good machinery. However, this does not change the fact that apart from the undoubtedly many advantages, the amplifier uses ideas that call for vengeance to heaven.

I turn the amplifier upside down. The bottom cover is impressively solid - just like the entire mechanical structure of the amplifier. The feet are a real masterpiece - you can use them not only for an amplifier, but also for the entire listening room. Bravo!!!

To see the tube sockets, you do not need to disassemble the casing, just remove the tubes. Driver tube sockets are traditional, but power tube sockets are a real rarity. The large openings in the housing undoubtedly help in air circulation and thus cooling the tubes. At the same time, they reveal certain details and prepare the person who intends to look inside what can be encountered there.

And it happened. Peeking through the holes around the power tube sockets confirms the sad truth about the assembly. Here is the interior in all its glory. Several photographs of a general nature and a huge set of detailed shots. Unfortunately, when it comes to details, the more details, the worse.

A few of the photos below, I advise you to jump with your eyes closed. Control potentiometers dangling, "smears" pretending to be solder points, scorched wires. In a word - the black dream of a service technician.


It's high time to see what is hidden under the transformers can. I unscrew a few mounting nuts (located underneath the chassis) and slowly reveal the "guts".

Here is the cover itself. I think it weighs over two kilograms. It is an armored tank turret. The manufacturer of the amplifier did not regret the material.

The inside of the cover is covered with a damping mat. The transformers have a real sauna underneath it.

Now it's time for the mysterious interior. A real mix of good intentions and disastrous implementation.

Take a look at the photo below. One of the transformers, when screwed on, did not fit well under the cover. What was done? Part of the carcass was broken. Just sit down and cry.

Below is another view of the "modified" carcass.

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