Nowy Elektronik (New Electronics) 2001/2

  • Microprocessor systems
    • Super programmer of 42 chips (4)
    • "According to the above title, the programmer allows you to program 42 types of different memories and microprocessors. The group of programmable devices includes: PIC12C5xx, 12C76x, 24Cxx, 16C55x, 16C61, 16C62x, 16C71, 16C71x, 16C8x, 16F8x..."
    • Digital Illuminophony Part I. (6)
      "Digital illuminophony is a system that allows you to control three light sources - light bulbs to the beat of the music. The difference between analog and digital illuminophony is in the quality of the lighting effects. Of course, digital gives you a more unforgettable experience..."
  • Audio circuits
    • High-class preamplifier with microprocessor control part II (9)
      "The first part describes the construction of the preamplifier. In the second and last part, we will deal with the assembly, commissioning and use of the preamplifier.
  • Electronic circuits
    • Super small 12 / 220V / 200W converter (12)
      "The presented converter was built on the specialized SG3525 chip from SGS. This solution made it possible to reduce the size of the converter to a minimum while maintaining significant power, as much as 200 W..."
    • Electronic transformer with voltage regulation (15)
      "Traditional transformers are increasingly being replaced by electronic transformers in the consumer goods. We also decided to design and manufacture such a transformer. The presented transformer is ideal for powering halogen bulbs with a power from 20 W to 60 W. Additionally, the transformer has an output voltage regulation..."
    • Car Active Subwoofer (18)
      "More and more drivers also want to listen to good quality music in their car. Unfortunately, even expensive cars usually do not have too sophisticated audio equipment. That is why we decided to develop a high-class, yet easy-to-build car Subwoofer..."
    • Fast charger for NiMH / NiCd batteries (22)
      "NiMH and Nicd batteries are increasingly replacing ordinary batteries. However, in order for the battery to retain its service life for a long time, it must be charged properly. The presented charger, in addition to optimal charging, has one more important feature, which is the speed of charging an exhausted battery..."
  • Electronic components
    • AD7492 - 12-bit A / D converter 926)
    • AD5235 - Non-volatile, two-channel, 1024 - position digital potentiometer (26)
    • AD9755 - 14-bit A / D converter (26)
    • AD9753 - 12-bit D / A converter (27)
    • ADG758 / ADG759 - 8/4 channel multiplexer (27)
    • ADG733 - triple switch for portable devices (27)
  • Software & Internet
    • Analysis of electronic circuits using the Protel99 software, part I (28)
    • BASCOM - A Handy Download Part I. (38)
  • JABEL sets
    • J-032 Walkman power supply (35)
    • J-047 Signal finder (36)
    • J-203 Moisture detector (37)
  • This and that
    • Exchange (55)
    • PCBs for free !!! (55)

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