• Microprocessor systems
    • 89C51 microcontroller hardware simulator (4)
      "The simulator allows you to reduce the time of writing software to a minimum. Programming the simulator is done from the COM connector. Thanks to this solution, we do not have to remove and insert the microcontroller into the programmer each time, and then into the system being started..."
    • Eight-channel antenna switch for radio amateurs and amateurs (7)
      "The switch enables one good quality coaxial cable to connect up to 8 antennas to one transceiver. The antenna switching is controlled by a cheap three-wire electric cable..."
    • Active antenna - hope and curse (12)
      "We often encounter difficult reception of radio and television programs. After the hardships and struggles, we buy an active antenna, which helps in some conditions, but in others it is even worse. In this article, I would like to answer the question - what does it depend on? An active antenna, contrary to the usual one, has its own rules, and breaking one canon causes very unpleasant consequences not only for the owner, but also for the environment..."
    • Frequency meter for function generators 1 Hz ÷ 50 MHz (14)
      "A function generator without a frequency meter is only half a generator. The designed meter enables the measurement of TTL signals with a frequency from 1 Hz to 50 MHz, which is perfect for a workshop function generator..."
    • Universal I2C tester (17)
      "More and more integrated circuits are equipped with an I2C interface. The proposed tester allows you to test any system with the I2C interface. All you need is a computer running any terminal, some time and of course a universal I2C tester to test or check the operation of any system..."
    • Adapter for the AVR-ISP programmer (27)
      "The adapter is used to program AVR microcontrollers in a DIP housing. It is an indispensable tool when programming more AVRs with the same data. Works with the professional programmer AVR-ISP set 326-K..."
    • Tele - spy (38)
      "Eavesdropping on telephone conversations is nothing new. On the other hand, wiretapping the number dialed always aroused a lot of emotions. Tele-spy allows you to identify the numbers that the household members call, provided that we have a telephone set with tone dialing - DTMF..."
  • Electronic circuits
    • Galvanic RS232 separator (36)
      "As the name suggests, the system is used to separate the galvanic RS232 connector in the computer from the connected device. The separator is necessary when starting systems cooperating with the RS232 connector. It can be used with any type of computer equipped with the above connector..."
    • TV timer with deferment (20)
      "During the operation of the TV set, it emits a lot of heat, this especially applies to older models.
      The problem of heat dissipation occurs mainly when the TV set is placed in a tight bookcase or wall unit without keeping the appropriate distances for ventilation ...
      Here we come to the heart of the matter, i.e. a simple electronic system, which during normal TV viewing would be as unnoticeable as possible, so that its operation would not be burdensome, and in the event of falling asleep in front of the TV after the time limit expires, it will be disconnected from the power grid..."
  • Software & Internet
    • ATiny26 / ATiny26L part IV (22)
    • AD 8314 Precise detector 100 MHz ÷ 2.5 GHz
      "Complete RF detector with high linearity for the control of the TX and RX stages of radio communication devices and for use in the construction of control and measurement equipment..."
  • This and that
    • Exchange (51)
    • PCBs for FREE !!! (53)


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